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Leo shouldn’t have run after the customer who left behind his coffee in a rush. He should have looked where he was going. He should have seen that car coming…

When Leo wakes up in the hospital, he recognizes his nurse as the handsome customer he rushed after … the customer he’s had a crush on for nearly a year now. Coffee-to-Go. When Andy awkwardly flirts with Leo, it becomes clear that the attraction is mutual.

Before anything can truly spark between them, Leo’s life is thrown into chaos when he becomes caught in the web of a corrupt deportation scandal.

Will their budding romance survive?

Mark My Soul

Coming in Spring 2019!

In a world where you are born with a soulmark to help match you with your ideal soulmate, Scott is in his early 30s and hasn’t yet met his. He’s given up even trying. Instead he just goes to one club or party after another, looking to get laid with another pretty lady. He’s shocked when his soulmark reacts when he’s at yet another party. He searches the party, only to be taken aback when he finds out his soulmate is a man.

Scott had been in denial about his bisexuality for his entire life, pushing back any interest in other men to the dark recesses of his mind. Finding out his soulmate is a man makes him flee, instead of run into his mate’s arms.

Ross can tell he’s got his work cut out for him, now that he’s finally found his skittish soulmate.

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